Tell me what movies you like, and I'll tell you who you are...

My movie-lovers profile, courtesy of CJ Kennedy.

Your approach to movies is more intellectual than Glimmer’s. That’s not to say you don’t like to have your emotional buttons pushed in the right way, but you like to be able to get your mind around a movie as well as your heart.

You’re a cinema omnivore and your tastes are going to continue to expand as the years go by. You’ll voraciously move from genre to genre but you won’t be stuck with just one. Your non-movie friends already raise their eyebrows at some of the strange things you like, especially the things older than you are, but just wait until you’re waxing poetic about French cinema from the 30s or silent films or Japenese films from the 50s and 60s.

There’s a hint of pride in your taste. You’re probably looked upon as “the movie girl” in certain circles and you like playing that role, but you’re careful to tend the impression that your tastes are pretty refined.

Your tastes are pretty gender neutral though leaning towards masculine. I wouldn’t be surprised to find you spent many nights watching movies with your dad or perhaps an older brother when you were little.

Finally, you’re a Coen fan so clearly you’re operating on a higher level of movie appreciation than your average person :)

In short, you’re smart and cultured and you don’t care who knows it. You can also be a romantic sentimentalist as long as you don’t feel you’re being pandered to. Sometimes you maybe wish you could be less the former and more the latter, but you’d never sell out your intelligence.

Sound about right?


cjKennedy said...

Zodiac seems to be the most glaring omission among movies you've had an opportunity to see. I wish I liked Into the Wild as much as those who love it, but I still think it should be seen. I was going to scream out Paris J'Taime, but I see you saw that one back in January.

I'll be going through my own list soon and I might be able to dig up a few things you've overlooked.

Seems like you've done a pretty comprehensive job.

Also, I must insist you see Inland Empire right away! The instinct that's telling you it's a film you need to 'get up' for is correct. It isn't going to offer all of the same pleasures we're used to getting from Mr. Lynch, but in many ways this I think is a more pure distillation of his creativity and the workings of his mind than anything he's done before.

Your reaction to it might be cold for many reasons, but I think you'll see the genius to it. It's not necessarily a movie to be enjoyed, but it's a must-see. Does that make sense?

M said...

That profile is pretty much spot-on, knowing you. Is that from a test publicly available? If so, where can I do it? :P

Hedwig said...

Hehe, well, how publicly available is a blogger? In this case, CJ Kennedy from Living in Cinema, who knows my taste pretty well by now, provided this analysis. If you give me a list of your favorite movies, I'll try to do yours, if you like. But I can't promise I'll be as insightful.