The kabouters have good taste

So, here I am, on the bus, scrolling down on my iPod, intending to listen to the new Nellie McKay songs I downloaded. Suddenly, I see "Midlake" between the bands, and I think, huh, that doesn't sound familiar. Neither does the album title "Trials of Van Occupanther". Nor any of the 6 (count 'em: six) songs I have. I seach my memory. I haven't done much downloading lately. I can't remember reading a review. Nobody has sent me songs lately. And I am fairly sure Larry (just to avoid misunderstanding, that's who I'm typing on right now) isn't cheating on me.

As you might know, curiosity is one of my many vices. So of course I listen. And you know what? It pretty much blows me away.

There's only one explanation. Pixies. Or elves. Fairies. Midgets. Leprechauns. Or some other fictional creatures who exist only if you believe in them. To be honest, I don't much care which ones. As long as they promise to enrich my iPod again.


Also: recent additions to my DVD collection:
- Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud (Volver had me thinking Penelope Cruz was the ultimate woman, but Jeanne Moreau made me reconsider)
- All About Eve (How can films you know will be amazingly awesome still blow you away? I never understood the fascination with Bette Davis until now. Now thinking there might be some flaw in the idea that all women are poor shadows of just one idea. There HAVE to be at least six)
- A Streetcar Named Desire (I haven't rewatched it yet, but I loved it the one time I saw it)
- The Passenger (Never seen. Will let you know what I think when I do)