Best Scenes

I was already preparing a list of alternative awards to post here. You know, best nude fight, worst nude fight (the winners seem obvious), the "who-knew-he-was-so-funny"-award (that would be for James Marsden), etc. However, seeing how I quickly ran out of inspiration and couldn't rival Jim Emerson anyway, I decided to list a few of my favorite scenes from this year instead. One award I think deserves giving out anyway: the "would love to see show up in any movie"-award. It goes to Garret Dillahunt, who gave very different but equally fascinating performances in No Country For Old Men, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and on the smaller screen in John from Cincinnati.

Now then: my favorite scenes, in no particular order.

  • Carla Jean's last stand - No Country for Old Me
    closely followed by: every other scene in which Chigurh interacts with other people. And every scene with Ed Tom bell talking. And any scene...you know what? The whole film is pitch-perfect. Just go see it, alright?
  • Goin' to Acapulco - I'm not There
    closely followed by every scene with the electrifying Cate Blanchett as the electric Bob Dylan
  • The awkward conversation leading up to the first kiss in Waitress
  • The scene with Adam Goldberg, his girlfriend's phone in one hand, a dictionary in the other, getting progressively more agitated, in 2 days in Paris
  • The bathhouse fight - Eastern Promises.
  • 'not many people have basements in California' - Zodiac
  • Jesse James in the fog, waiting for the train - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  • Closing ass-kicking - Death Proof
    closely followed by: "You saw my car, I saw your ... legs" & Stuntman Mike sniffing Rosario Dawson's feet.
  • Falling Slowly - Once
  • Sex under a Tree & The first sleep-over - Lady Chatterley
  • The mano-a-mano fight in Tangiers - The Bourne Ultimatum
  • Le Marais - Paris je t'aime (not my favorite, but the short that lingers most)
  • "They fucked with the wrong Mexican" - the best of the Grindhouse trailers
  • Making soup - Ratatouille
  • The champagne and the two glasses in the fridge - Michael Clayton
  • Jeff Daniels as the blind Lewis chatting up a waitress - The Lookout
  • Toby Kebbell making his bid to be the manager - Control
There really are so many more I could mention, and this is all before having seen There Will Be Blood, Sweeney Todd, Juno, Into the Wild, Away from Her, Inland Empire and others being mentioned for awards. This was a pretty great year for film, wasn't it?

So, what were your favorite scenes this year?


C. Jerry Kutner said...

I agree with you about "Carla Jean's Last Stand," and I'm surprised Kelly MacDonald wasn't named as one of the Best Supporting Actresses on more year-end lists (though I can understand the preference for Cate B).

Yes, it was an unusually good year for film.

C. Jerry

Hedwig said...

Yes, all the awards seem to be going to Amy Ryan, and well, I haven't seen Gone Baby Gone yet, but it seems strange to me that she should get all this acclaim in such a good field. Not only Kelly McDonald, who gives Carla Jean warmth and intelligence and strength in just a few scenes, but also Cate Blanchett in I'm not There, Charlotte Gainsbourg in that same movie, Tilda Swinton in Michael Clayton, Samantha Morton in Control etc. My vote would probably go to Cate since hers is the showier performance, but hey, there's about a gazillion organizations giving out prizes this time of year, how's about spreading the wealth and giving a few to McDonald?

cjKennedy said...

I love many of the scenes you've picked out here. Nice to revisit some great moments from some of my favorite films.

I've always had a mad crush on Kelly Macdonald so it should be no surprise she was one of my favorite elements of No Country for Old Men.

"Llewelyn? What's in the satchel?"

Hedwig said...

Hehe, lots of love for Kelly. I have to admit, I never really noticed her before, though I saw her in Trainspotting, Gosford Park, and A Cock and Bull Story. But after this part, I'll keep my eye out for her.