Happy 100

Is there anyone comparable today? Sexy, self-possessed yet vulnerable, and most importantly, never, ever hiding her intelligence? Happy Birthday, Ruby.

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cjKennedy said...

Jeez, I'm always late for birthdays. But boy, that anklet kills me...which is appropriate since it did the same thing to Fred MacMurray. Barbara Stanwyck might not have been clasically 'pretty' as some of contemporaries, but had a knack for making her male costars burst into flames and explode. And you believed every minute of it. They could see she was going to be trouble a mile away, but they could never help themselves.

I just saw her recently in Clash By Night for the first time. It was pretty good, but Double Indemnity is one of those all-time "I'd want this movie on a desert island" favorites.

Happy belated birthday Mrs. Dietrichson!