Declaration of Principles

I think I'm starting to figure out where this blog is going. Figuring out what I want to do with it. Figuring out which subjects belong and which don't.

So I've made myself a declaration of principles in true Kane fashion. Enjoy!

  • I will update once a day. More often only if I find something that absolutely cannot wait, but never less often.
  • I will try to make at least one in 3 updates a true, long update with things I've written myself, instead of just linking to things I find interesting.
  • I will add a picture (and make it square) for every update. I will try to make these pictures aethetically interesting and, if possible, relevant.
  • I will give credit where credit is due if I remember how I discovered a certain web page.
  • I will keep at this for at least a month, even if I get no comments at all.
Despite #05, I would really appreciate comments though. As in, comments that are not spam.

I've done a lot of random surfing (i.e. procrastinating) lately, so my link folder "for blog" is getting pretty full. Some updates you can expect soon:
  • A full-blown Firefly review & linkorama
  • Geek Podcasts and why I love them
  • The how and why of this blog's title
  • Fiction and writing online
  • Jules et Jim review
  • The Fortress of Solitude review
And of course the usual links updates. I'll try to make them a bit less random though.

I hope you like the setup,


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