Ok, so in my desperation to get the "No Country for Old Men" review, I offered to review Beowulf, since nobody had professed interest for that and the release date is this Thursday already. The IMAX version is already in theatres, and there I went, begrudgingly, thinking it would be another 300. But I have to admit...

I didn't hate it.

Oh, it was silly. And with those strange, almost-real, plastic characters, it's hard to truly get into the story. But except for the first fifteen minutes, I wasn't bored for a minute, and I laughed a lot more than I did at my last semi-voluntary review, which was of The Heartbreak Kid.

Still. No fair. The guys get Angie's boobs, but Ray Winstone's digital dong stays carefully, hilariously, hidden, even in a naked fight longer than Viggo's. I know this is intended for 13-yo boys, but still, no fair!

Another plus for Beowulf? It's inspired some truly funny reviews.


Merijn said...

God, The Heartbreak Kid was so horrible. I saw part of it a few weeks ago when I went to a Sneak Preview and I literally PRAYED it wouldn't be that horrible abomination. We left 15 minutes in because everything was so damn predictable it was impossible for me to laugh at it.

cjKennedy said...

All I can say is I'm glad Roger Ebert still has his sense of humor and he's still writing. My favorite bit is his sidenote: A Geatsman comes from an area of today's Sweden named Gotaland, which translates, Wikipedia helpfully explains, as "land of the Geats."

As for the movie...I guess I'll check it out. I think it's arrived 25 years too late for me to truly apprecaite it however.

Hedwig said...

Ah, and don't forget the follow-up that quote prepares for:

This leads to a great deal of well-timed Austinpowerism, which translates (Wikipedia does not explain) as "putting things in the foreground to keep us from seeing the family jewels."