Oh, but did I love this film. If I ever do a top 10 noirs, this is sure to be on it. The story's based on a gimmick, really: a man investigating his own murder, but it works, from the wonderful opening following a man staggering towards the police station and into the homicide division to the convoluted resolution. I also loved the sub-story about how only impending death can cure this man of his fear of commitment: in a way, his misfortune could be seen as a punishment for his lecherous behavior at the beginning, complete with lovely sound effects. The girl's a bit of a nag in person but wonderfully funny and playful on the phone, and despite the goofiness of the whole "luminous toxin" business (and its convenient timing) the ending manages to move.

Dr. MacDonald: Of course, I'll have to notify the police. This is a case for Homicide.
Frank Bigelow: Homicide!
Dr. MacDonald: I don't think you fully understand, Bigelow. You've been murdered.


M said...

This movie seems strangely similar on Crank (2006), possible the concept was based on D.O.A.?

A large difference is that the main character in Crank already knows who poisoned him (it's in the very first few minutes of the movie) and is only out for revenge - a cure seems to be only a distant second for him.

Hedwig said...

Hey! Someone else also pointed this out to me yesterday, but somehow "Crank" had just totally passed me by until now. It definitely sounds like it was inspired by DOA.

The character here is told a cure is not in the cards straight away, so he is also looking for revenge. He just needs to find out who did it first.