Rest in peace, Ingmar

In memory of Ignmar Bergman, I finally saw one of his films tonight. "The Seventh Seal" or "Det Sjunde inseglet". Appropriately enough, it revolves around death.

I don't know why, even knowing about the iconic chess-match paid homage to by Bill and Ted, I expected stark, grim realism. The film is very grim in parts, but realistic? It's more of an absurd fairy tale, an allegory, and to my great surprise, it's funny.

I'm not sure if I like it yet, don't know quite what to make of it. I do know I've never seen anything like it, and that it's a shame I was reluctant to see Bergman's films until now. It's always sad when a great man dies, but this one leaves a legacy to be reckoned with, and one I'm planning to explore in detail.

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cjKennedy said...

Yes! It's funny! I was shocked and more than a little annoyed with myself for having put that movie off for years and years and years.

Who knew the gloomy Swede could be such a crackup? When you read the description of the movie it sounds like a heavy, depressing gloom-fest.

RIP Ingmar