The performance that changed my life?

Note: contribution to the Performance that Changed My Life Blog-a-thon

Can you ever really say something changed your life? As much as we talk about movies being transformative, do they really ever transform us more than a moment? Sure, when I walked out of "The Science of Sleep", for example, I felt like creating something, I felt like I could, in fact, create something, but did I really become noticeably more creative after seeing the film? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

I'm not sure any performance really changed my life permanently. I am sure, however, that there is one that sent an almost painful pang of recognition and revelation through me.

It's a performance from "Lost in Translation". But it isn't Bill Murray's.

It was the scene where Bob and Charlotte lay on the bed together that did it, when she talks about her aimlessness. It wasn't just that the details fit: I had a horse phase, a phase in which I photographed everything including my feet (and pizza's before and after, that sort of thing). I wanted to be a writer, still do somewhere, but as soon as I sit down and start writing I hate every word.
But as I said, it wasn't just the details. It was also her flat tone of voice. Her expression. The way she seemed to accept what she was and wasn't, but at the same time also the way you could feel the despair lurking under the surface. The combination of not too high self-esteem and an arrogance toward girls who use Evelyn Waugh as a nickname. She was me - except of course much, much sexier.

Many other actresses of Scarlett Johansson's generation are more talented than she is, and have much more range, more depth. I don't dislike her as much as some do, and I in fact love her voice, but I have no problem admitting she's no great actress. Nonetheless, in this part (and in another one from before she got all glossed up, in Ghost World) she is absolutely perfect, and could not be more genuine.

Did her performance change me? I couldn't say in which way. But it did affect me greatly, and that alone makes this performance worthwhile.


Emma said...

Heya, about the comment the anonymous person left on my blog.

Don't worry, I've had somewhat of a history of dissing Scarlett left, right, and centre on this blog. It mainly happened when I was 15, immature and convinced of the infallability of my opinion. Since then, I've matured a bit, I'm still not a fan of hers, but I am able to appreciate that many are.

That's all anonymous was getting at; my history with Scarlett. It wasn't a dig at your post at all, which I geniunely enjoyed reading. Thanks for writing it. :)

P.S. Just saw that you reside in Holland. That's incredible, I love that country, I'm obsessed with it so much! I especially adore your national football team. *blink*

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a powerful scene. I like when complex, delicate emotions are tackled by art.

Anonymous said...

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