Hanging on

You might be wondering about the lack of posts lately. Well, exam time is coming up, and I'm alternately studying for them and having periods of despair about them, which leaves little to no time for movies or anything else cultural.

I had "Kull the Conqueror" on in the background one night. It was perfect for my mood at the time, but it's not a movie that necessitates a lot of attention: I went off and had a shower in the middle, and it didn't feel like I missed anything. As such, it's also not a movie I can say much about (though an in-depth analysis is, no doubt, possible). I can feel myself reverting to this kind entertainment, "this kind" meaning brainless and offering quick satisfaction: sitcoms, "Flight of the Conchords" and romance novels (thank you Lani!).

As such, here is my resolution: starting the day of my last exam, June 29th, I'll do my best to watch a movie a day, and post my reactions here. I also have many books lying around that beg to be read, there's music I want to listen to attentively, and since I'll need a recuperative period after hopefully getting through the next week and a half, I'll take my time for all of them.

Wish me luck... and see you on in July.

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