Thank you for smoking - first thoughts

"Michael Jordan plays ball. Charles Manson kills people. I talk. Everyone has a talent. "

Not much to say about this movie, really, except a vigorous "cool.". I like it when a movie can be so refreshingly cynical, and nobody would've been better as Nick Naylor than Aaron Eckhart. The guy could probably get me to smoke. Well, not smoke, probably, me being asthmatic and hating the smell'n all, but I get the feeling he's selling: basically, there's so much in life that's bad for you, we might as well resign ourselves to the risks we're taking as long as it feels good.

So, nothing much to criticize. The movie's not particularly deep, but it achieves what it wants to do: it makes you laugh, and it lands some digs. It might not get anyone to smoke (hopefully it won't) but it might incite someone out there to join a debate club. And I did adore the credits. And JK Simmons, who should always play acrimonious bosses (see the Spider-Man films and "the Closer" if you need more evidence), rules. And I love to look at Adam Brody in almost anything. Rob Lowe is hilarious. And I'd love to criticize Katie Holmes at this point, just for balance sake, but she's fine, not great, replaceable, but fine.

Jeff Megall: Sony has a futuristic sci-fi movie they're looking to make.
Nick Naylor: Cigarettes in space?
Jeff Megall: It's the final frontier, Nick.
Nick Naylor: But wouldn't they blow up in an all oxygen environment?
Jeff Megall: Probably. But it's an easy fix. One line of dialogue. 'Thank God we invented the... you know, whatever device.'

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