First Reaction: El Laberinto del fauno

Wow, is this film brutal. Being punched in the stomach brutal. Despite myself, I'm too used to Hollywood conventions. I was scared, I was afraid (not the same thing), I was horrified, I cried, and yet I cannot help but describe the film as wonderful, as in, filled with wonder and promise and imagination and despite everything hope. Most amazing feat: there are many elements of outright fantasy, but the violence and pain and fear are more real than in many other movies. I don't remember the last time I cried so much at a movie. So happy I saw it on the big screen. But I can't recommend the experience to anyone.

One gripe: why the shot of Ofelia talking to empty space? Entirely uneccesary. Trust your audience! Ambiguity is a good thing. Will get back on this in contrast with Bunuel.

Note: as another revival attempt, and also as a kind of notebook for myself, I will henceforth (love that word) write a quick reaction to any new movie I see as soon as possible after seeing the movie. Uncensored by me, uncritical, it doesn't need to be more than 50 words but I need to write something, anything. I'm curious what it will yield: probably not coherence or correct grammar, possibly not even full sentences, but who knows, insight?

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