Sodom and Gomorrah

Warning: off topic
(also, written while still slightly under the influence)

When you fail an exam, worse, when you fail a retake, you need to vent. Parties are generally good for that. Drinking, eating, dancing, ideally flirting and taking someone home. Well, tonight, I was a bit short on the latter two, but it was an interesting evening nonetheless. See, a stripper had apparently been ordered for the three birthday boys. And while she was, well, performing, all I could think was:

"So this is the western debauchery we are reviled for. This is the evil that will (through McDonald's and MTV, obviously) corrupt the world. Then, how can it feel so....innocent?"

Worse, how can it feel so tame, so (dare I say it?) boring even. Oh sure, it was funny. And two of the guys (one of whom, interestingly enough, was muslim) seemed to enjoy it plenty. But I doubt anyone was really turned on.

It strengthened me in my belief that things that are not forbidden or hidden irrevocably lose most of their appeal. This is actually my main beef with the sexualisation of our culture: not that it shows our culture is rotten, not that it is demeaning to women even, but simply that it leaves so little to be devined, that it somehow makes things less, rather than more, exciting, and that it leaves us looking in the few nooks and crannies left obscured for something to long for.

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