All reluctance to make this a personal blog aside, I think this shout-out is justified: I'm DONE! As in, finally, I've finished my last assignments, and while I still need to get most of my grades and officially graduate and all that, I think I can already claim to be a Bachelor of Science. I think a W00t is in order.

Somehow, being this close to the end of yet another stage, I've been flashing back a lot to the end of the last one: high school. It probably contributes too that my little sister is in the middle of her final exams of high school now. Or that I keep running into things that were a big part of my life then. Cultural things, I mean.

It started when, as a part of his top 5 "Movies about America", Adam of Cinecast (soon to be rechristened filmspotting) listed, at number 4, "Pleasantville". Now, while Adam is absolutely right in saying that Gary Ross "never met a metaphor he didn't want to beat into the ground", this is one of the movies that made me love movies, this is one of the first movies that I wanted to see more than once to unpack all its layers. It's also a movie that I'm afraid I might have become a little "sophisticated" to love as unconditionally now.

Then, this morning, the song "Supergirl" by Reamonn was played on the radio, and all of a sudden I was in a bad teen movie, dancing in my bright yellow skivvies and T-shirt (yes, I wear brightly colored underwear. Usually pyjama pants too, but at that particular moment I was halfway through getting dressed), or rather making un-coordinated weird movements with a silly smile on my face, admittedly much less graceful, pretty and skinny than the girls who usually do this in movies, but dancing nonetheless. This song I hummed to myself continuously throughout my last year of high school, like a mantra, and hearing it again was both weird and exhilarating.

So yeah, no real point to this post....but I definitely feel like I supergirl! And supergirls just fly.


Question of the day: Can a book and a movie be redeemed by the totally hilarious pans they inspire?

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