Anderson Cooper

I don't know this lovely man myself..But I thought it was interesting how he was appropriated by two different groups on blogs I visit. Just shows how our view of public personae changes depending on our perspective.


ModFab said...

Except that Anderson Cooper really is gay...in New York, he's a fixture at gay events and clubs.

Hedwig said...

That's not really the point though. It's that one characteristic that gets lifted out by people, I mean, for some people he is just gay and nothing else, and the most important thing for MaryAnn is that he is a GenXer. I'm not condemning that they focus on why he is part of "their group", I just think it's interesting. Like it would be for me, for example, to have had a post celebrating that Angela Merkel became Chancellor of Germany, just because she studied physics, and hey, I study physics! And I'll admit I considered it. But in the end, that's just a part of what she is. Admittedly, being gay is a much bigger part of one's identity than being a physicist, but still, I'm sure there's a lot more to Anderson Cooper than just that he's gay or a GenXer.