Don't you just love new technologies? From the moment I left my room in Utrecht to the moment I arrived at my parents' home, I listened to two guys discussing the second season of Buffy on my iPod. That's almost two hours. And I loved it. And now I'm sitting typing on my laptop with wireless connection.

Seriously, I think I might get addicted to Podcasts. I don't listen to them much in my room because I'm usually doing three things at once then, and I hate missing things, but on the train, it's perfect. I mean, if I could camouflage my earphones, I might even want to listen to Podcasts in some of my classes.

The thing is...I know I enjoy listening to people discuss movies, shows, music. I enjoy reading about in on blogs too. But more and more people who I ask to read my blog and tell me what they think of it say "well, personal blogs aren't really my thing" or something in that vein.

It takes a lot of confidence to write one of these things, it takes the belief (or delusion) that there are people out there who your views can be valuable to. For now, I see this blog more as an exercise in writing, a testing ground for ideas I might be able to publish in the college newsletter, as a way, also, to note down and remember what interested me at a certain time, what I liked and disiked, a notebook of sorts. But it would be nice to get readers, even if I know that in the sea of blogs out there mine is hard to find if you're not looking for it. As I said, I will keep at it for a month. See how it goes. If I still feel liked writing after those 30 days.

Until then, I'll keep listening to Podcasts and link to them here.

And well, despite some slight frustration...new technologies still rule.


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Lanchka said...

Hey, it's me, formerly known as Jade and currently known as Lanchka :-)

On the topic of personal blogs. (I apparently feel very strongly about this subject, so be forewarned.)

I like blogging because I am a megalomaniac who loves to begin all her paragraphs with the pronoun "I" and then proceed to discuss the minutiae of her nonexistent love life (perhaps I should rescind that comment - read my blog for more info ;-) before the general public, a public that I know is in fact completely uninterested in what Norwegian verb I learned yesterday or my plans for dinner tomorrow or why I can't reconcile my heart with my thoughts. Indeed, I certainly wouldn't be interested in reading about my own life if I were someone who happened to randomly surf onto my site, but then again, I'm not writing for Joe Blow or Jane Doe, I'm writing for myself, because this is the last year I might spend in Utrecht, because I want to at least try to figure out myself as I am in this spazzed-out, high-strung 23-year-old incarnation, because I want to force myself to write and what better way than this cos an online journal is so much more compelling to update than some shoddy Word file in the bowels of my harddrive - not because I would like to spout anything particularly vitriolic about President Bush's latest nominee to the Supreme Court (I do care, just not enough to change tracks and become a political pundit on the 'net) or call for Tom DeLay's resignation. I've had it with all these years of self-elimination and my words relegated to spiral notebooks >_< I'm not going to be a romance writer, so I might as well take advantage of Everyman's technology to get myself published somewhere, even if all my words are doomed to neglect after next year. If someone's so unlucky as to discover me out here in cyberspace, I wish them fortitude and a quick mouse-finger aimed at "Next Blog."

Rant over.

Lanchka out.