Blog Rolling

I finally joined the blogging community entirely: I have a blog roll now. These are the blogs I read. Here's why.

Geek Philosophy: The Flick Filosopher blogs. And she does it well. Many interesting links copied here, many insightful pieces on geekyness, and every week, a geek, a nerd and a dork. There is a bit too much emphasis, in my opinion, on how Gen-X is connected to geekdom, but then again, that might just be because I am not an Xer but I do consider myself a geek.

Nine by Six: my good friend Joost also blogs. Not updated often enough to my taste, but often interesting links when he does.

Aurgasm: a music blog with a very eclectic, interesting selection of songs, which can be downloaded free for evaluation purposes. Here's how I discovered Gabriel Mann's "Artichoke", and many other gems.

Mainly Movies: Tim also sometimes leaves me hungry for a new update, but his taste in movies is fascinating. He's currently working on a top 100, counted down, and any movie he selected I've either seen and loved or is on my to-see list now.

Nick's Flick Picks: Nick is also working on a countdown (I believe he started before tim, in fact). His picks are a bit less attuned to my taste, but he does elaborate on his choices a lot more, and always with enthusiasm and insight.

Queering the Apparatus: a surprising choice only for those who are unaware of my fascination with gay culture. Damion's posts range from Vintage images of men in various states of undress, to comments on gay culture and polls about gay icons. Funny, irreverent, and extremely readable.

Modern Fabulosity: it's almost impossible to talk about Queering the Apparatus without mentioning ModFab. Updating more often, with more naked men and more newsbits, but -in my opinion- just a little bit less charm, it makes the perfect companion to Damion's blog.

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damion said...

Thanks for the love, hedwig! *blush* *giggle*