Artsyness abounds

Mathematical Art:

I especially like the "Sand Traveller", but both "Intersection" Applets are fascinatingly alive and I can marvel about the intricacy of "Substrate" for hours. It's amazing how much beauty simple algorythms can generate.

Found Collage Art:

What this woman does is truly inspired, original yet distinctive (it could be called Magritte-esque, if anything, but nobody I know does what she does). It shows that you can be an artist even without drawing or painting or anything, just by seeing what other people don't. Also, it's all square, and you know I love square.

Voice Art:

Can you get a crush on a dead guy's voice? You can if you're me, and Dylan Thomas really has a fantastic voice. 11 CD's can be downloaded on which he reads from his own work ("do not go gentle into that good night", obviously, but much, much more) and from word by many others, and most importantly, in a voice that rolls over you in soothing waves, a voice that sings and speaks at the same time, a voice, in short, that is not only incredibly sexy to me but also, undoubtedly, Art in itself.

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Lanchka said...

Yes, you can definitely get crushes on dead men's voices! Not that I'm a case in point - Ian Bostridge still numbers, after all, among the living - but I'm sure it's perfectly legitimate. (On the other hand, does it matter whether Ian is dead or alive? Either way, I'll never get to marry him.)

A few years ago I helped Roel with an essay for which a quote by Georges Braque provided the theme: "Art upsets, science reassures." I think that your article about slash really drove that point home. It also got me interested in King Arthur fanfic, since (as far as school goes) I'm primarily interested in representations of Arthur in the 20th and 21st century. Unfortunately, my Google searches haven't yielded much - which surprises me, as I had imagined that King Arthur and his court constituted a slashfest waiting to happen.

On a totally random note, do you know if Howl's Moving Castle will play in the Netherlands?