Introduction (can easily be done without)

It's testimony to how uninspired I've felt lately that I spent half an hour looking at the "name your blog" page before falling back on an old quote I used in my signature years ago. A fruitstand seems to be an accurate name for what this blog will be for though. I don't intend here to give an account of my daily life, as it's quite boring and the broad lines will be posted on 1-0-5.blogspot.com anyhow.

Instead, the purpose of this blog is to post the thoughts and opinions my friends have long ago stopped listening to. As I am a film geek, a lot of it will be about films, directors, actors, but there will also be stuff about music, books, (web)comics, physics, maybe even politics if I feel the energy. I'm going to experiment with format, length, etc. in the beginning, so it will be a little uneven.

Introductions are often too long, and never very interesting. Therefore, this will be the end of this one.


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